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    Precision Wetter


    Precision Wetter is ideal for Non Wetting Soils

    • Promotes deeper root growth
    • Eliminates ‘Dry Patch’
    • Improves soil nutrient use
    • Reduces erosion
    • Utilizes available moisture
    • Improves germination
    • Economical and easy to use

    A Farmer’s comment and photographs following use of Precision Wetter:

    “In a recent trial, one blocked jet left a row without an application of Precision Wetter. You can see how stunted that row is. Without Precision Wetter, all rows would look like that.”

    • Blocked Jet

    • Close up without Wetter

    Soil Wetting Agents

    Soil wetters are designed to overcome water repellence in soils by reducing the surface tension of the water and allowing it to wet the waxy surface of the soil particles and the organic matter. This allows water to move into the soil through the pores. Soil wetters do not change the structure of the soil.

    For soil wetters to work affectively they cannot be too readily bio-degradable or their effectiveness will be very transitory. They are required to work for a considerable period but they will eventually be degraded by soil micro-organisms.

    Precision Wetter provides superior wetting to a variety of hydrophobic soil types including soils with low organic matter and it is balanced to provide the right amount of wetting span. Broadacre crops can benefit immensely by the application of a soil wetter into the soil close to the seed. This provides the environment for an even germination and sustained crop growth by ensuring that any soil moisture is readily available to the crop.

    About Us

    CHEMSOL, the manufacturer of Precision Wetter, is an Australian owned and operated company, established in 1989 to develop and manufacture an ever expanding spectrum of specialty products including liquid fertilisers and other liquid products for the agricultural and horticultural industries.

    CHEMSOL has manufactured products to satisfy individual requirements from agronomists and farmers on request and we can offer a product formulation to suit clients specific cost, performance or application.

    The proprietors have had ‘hands on’ experience in the farming industry over many years and CHEMSOL has a team of consulting chemists and agronomists who have experience in all facets of agriculture.

    CHEMSOL is extremely conscious of producing a high quality product to meet consumers specifications and expectations. Every care is taken during the period of manufacture and quality checks are in place to ensure that the products produced are of the highest standard possible. Samples of all products manufactured are retained on site. CHEMSOL is accredited to International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001

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    Common Questions

    Q: What rate of wetter do I use?
    A: 1 L/ha in 50 L/ha of water. The trial results in 2009 suggested that 1.5 L/ha in 75 L/ha of water under the soil below the seed gave the best results.However good results have been achieved at rates as low as 0.6 L/ha. More work on placement next to the seed is currently being done.

    Q: How long will the wetter last on top of the ground in the furrow?
    A: Soil Wetters are not biodegradable but will break down over a varying lengths of time due to sunlight and other weather conditions, typically soil wetters have a half life of between 30 to 60 days.

    Q: What happens when the wetter is placed on top of the furrow following the press wheel and a strong wind blows sand into the furrow, will the wetter still work?
    A: If non wetting sand covers the Precision Wetter laying on top of the furrow and forms a new ‘layer’ then the water may be repelled by the new layer of non wetting sand. The effect of the wetter could be reduced.

    Q: Can I mix UAN and trace elements with Precision Wetter?
    A: If Precision Wetter is added to trace elements or Flexi-N without any additional water, it forms an emulsion (visible as a slight haziness). Addition of water allows the Precision Wetter to dissolve and the solution becomes clear. The amount of water required depends on the amount of Precision Wetter relative to the amount of trace elements or UAN. The greater the proportion of Precision Wetter, the greater the amount of water required. Laboratory trials indicate that a satisfactory result is obtained when up to 5L of precision Wetter is mixed with 40L Flexi-N and 30L water. As a general rule when mixing Precision Wetter with trace elements or Flexi N, the maximum practicable amount of water should be used. It is recommended that mixtures of Precision Wetter and trace elements or Flexi-N are used immediately after mixing as degradation of Precision Wetter may occur on prolonged storage. Always do a jar test to check the formulation of the UAN delivered.

    Q: Can Precision Wetter be used under the soil next to the seed?
    A: Yes, trial results have shown good results when placed near the seed. The moisture from the inter-row is drawn to the Precision Wetter creating a moist zone. If the seed is in this zone then the chance of germination is greatly improved.

    Q: How far will Precision Wetter spread when placed under the soil?
    A: Precision Wetter has been specifically formulated to spread in a sphere, depending on soil type and moisture conditions the wetter will spread out approximately 40 to 50 mm. For this reason the wetter needs to be placed in close proximity to the seed.

    Q: Can other products be mixed with Precision Wetter when placed under the soil?
    A: Depending on the product being used, the wetter needs to be in close proximity to the seed, so mixing it with products such as FlexiN may cause problems by burning the seed if it is too close. It is recommended that the wetter be used separately and FlexiN be deep banded to avoid seed burn. Ideally a liquid cart with two tanks and two metering systems offers the best solution. The mixing of Impact with Precision Wetter is possible, however always perform a jar test as formulations change from time to time.

    Q: How much water do I need to add when using Precision Wetter?
    A: The minimum water rate is 50 L/ha. Higher rates are preferable. Rates lower than 50 L/ha may not distribute the Precision Wetter evenly as coverage is critical for the product to work efficiently. It is also important that the product is delivered constantly into or on top of the furrow. Nozzles with a 1 mm hole perform well when placed behind the press wheel. Where wetter is banded under the soil next to the seed, a 3 mm poly tube or 8mm stainless steel tube offer a uniform flow of the product with rates above 50 L/ha and a minimum ground speed of 8 km/hr.

    Q: How many L/min will be delivered by the system?
    A: : Given an application rate of 50L/ha, a speed of 8 km/hr and a tyne spacing of 10 inches, each tyne will deliver approximately 160 mL/min. For example a 62 ft bar will deliver 11.6 L/min. Because the rates are very low distributing the product evenly is very important. Companies such as Liquid Systems SA systems that are specifically designed to deliver products such as Precision Wetter evenly and precisely. Check out their web site

    Q: Will Precision Wetter work on other soil types such as gravels and clays?
    A: Yes, on forest gravels that are non wetting, using Precision Wetter is beneficial for germination. Even on heavy soil types that wet up easily, Precision Wetter is beneficial as it will help to draw in the moisture from the inter-row.

    Q: Will Precision Wetter still be in the soil next year so I don’t need to use it again?
    A: Generally speaking, Precision Wetter will breakdown over a period of considerably less than a year and reapplying Precision Wetter will be required. The rate of degradation depends on many factors including soil temperature, soil pH, type of soil, the amount of organic matter present, microbiobiological activity and the amount of rain for the year. Some beneift from Precision Wetter has been recorded the following season in some soils.

    Q: Under what conditions should I not use Precision Wetter under the soil next to the seed?
    A: A crop will benefit from using Precision Wetter under most circumstances. The benefit may not be seen until soil moisture is present but Precision Wetter will stay in the soil until sufficient rain has fallen to germinate the seed.

    Want to know more and perhaps speak to some farmers who have used Precision Wetter? We are also offering a hotline to enable you to discuss your requirements with our helpful consultants and our qualified chemist. This a free no obligation service. PHONE 1300 827692 You can also email us by clicking on the CONTACT button at the top of the page for a Safety Data Sheet and we will keep you informed of further developments, updates and industry news items which are innovative and can assist you in planning your program.

    Product Description

    Precision Wetter is an innovative product based on advanced organo-modified siloxane technology. It is a highly effective non-ionic wetting agent designed for use on all water repellent soils, including agricultural, forestry, turf and ornamental, industrial and other non-crop land. The advantage of organosilicone surfactants is their ability to enable water droplets to spread to a greater degree than occurs with conventional non-ionic surfactants. Water treated with conventional soil wetters tends to percolate straight down through the soil, whereas water treated with Precision Wetter tends to spread horizontally and vertically through the soil.

    Precision Wetter comes in 110 litre, 200 litre and 1,000 litre containers

    Please contact us if you would like a copy of the Safety Data Sheet Emailed or Faxed to you.

    Application Rates

    Specific use rates will vary with conditions of application, such as water hardness, application method, equipment, spray droplet size etc. Higher rates than those recommended below may be used; however do not add this product at a rate which exceeds 10% of the finished spray volume.


    Broadacre Band Spray for furrow seeding Press wheels at 25cm spacing 1 to 3L/ha Maintain spray pressure at a rate high enough to produce a strong jet. Water rate: 50 to 100L/ha. Use higher rates for extremely high water repellent soils.
    Press wheels at 15cm spacing 1 to 4L/ha
    Boom Spray 4 to 8L/ha Ideally spray immediately before rain is due
    Tree crops Injection through irrigation system 2 to 4L/ha Not suitable for earthen irrigation ditches.
    Boom spray 4 to 8L/ha Spray immediately before rain is due or follow up with water spray.
    Seedling establishment Band spray: 1 to 3L/ha
    Boom spray: 5 to 10L/ha
    Water rate: 75 to 100L/ha
    Landscaping with foliage 5 to 10 L/ha Preferable to water immediately after application to ensure soil contact.
    Turf Management Boom spray: 2.5 to 5L/ha Water rate: 400 to 800L/ha
    Apply every 15 to 30 days. Water well after application to ensure soil contact

    Typical Properties

    Appearance: Colourless, slightly viscous liquid Specific Gravity @ 20C approximately 1, pH (neat): neutral, Flammability: not flammable, not combustible. Poisons Schedule: not scheduled not classified as dangerous good for transport by road or rail.

    Precision Wetter has a broader penetration, ensuring better results.

    Compare the use of Precision Wetter to another leading brand:

    • Precision Wetter

    • Other Brand

    • No Wetter


    Precision Wetter is compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilisers. However, if the desired combination has not previously been used a jar test is recommended.


    Fill spray tank half to three quarters full of water and turn on agitator, add Precision Wetter and fill tank to required capacity. If mixing with pesticides or liquid fertilisers, add product as directed by product label or use the following sequence: Fill spray tank half to three quarters full of water. If adding more than one pesticide add in this order: Water dispersible granules, wettable powders, suspension concentrates, solutions, emulsifiable concentrates. Add liquid fertilisers last. Finally add Precision Wetter and fill tank to capacity. Continuous agitation of spray tank is recommended. For optimal results use the spray solution within 36 hours of mixing. If spray solution has been left to stand, thoroughly agitate before using. Thoroughly rinse spray system with clean water after use to minimise corrosion.

    Storage and Disposal

    Store in closed, original container, in a cool well ventilated area away from children, animals, food and feedstuffs. Do not store for long periods in direct sunlight. Do not allow spilt product to enter sewers, gutters or storm water drains, creeks or other waterways. Triple rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to spray tank. Dispose of surplus product by using according to the directions for use. Do not reuse empty container.

    Safety Directions

    Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale vapour or spray mist. If product in eyes, wash it out immediately with water.

    First Aid Directions

    If swallowed do not induce vomiting, give a glass of water to drink. If in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes and see a doctor.

    Environmental Statements

    Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present. Do not contaminate water when cleaning equipment or disposing of wash water.


    Surfactants are common ingredients in many household products and generally end up in sewage treatment systems or natural waterways. Surfactants used in these products are chosen to break down rapidly under the action of micro-organisms so that these compounds do not accumulate and cause environmental problems. Surfactants that break down rapidly are classified as biodegradable. Precision Wetter is not manufactured using biodegradable surfactants because soil wetters are designed to continue working for weeks without reapplication. Ultimately the surfactants in Precision Wetter will break down under the action of sunlight, moisture, bacteria and oxygen to carbon dioxide, water and silicates.